what if it accelerates
faster than forecasted

warming more rapidly
tipping systems one by one

once we fought wars to prevent dominoes
who will be KIA now

externalized costs
will you grieve for their loss

With this poem, I explored the work on tipping points and their potential cascading impacts by joining it with the “domino theory.” In 1953, President Dwight D. Eisenhower coined what US politicians started to refer to as the domino theory: a geopolitical theory that claimed if one country would fall, the spread of communism would endanger surrounding countries. These would fall, one by one, like dominoes under the influence of communism. The tipping point theory, and especially its application to adaptation strategies, tells us what issues will be faced when certain current strategies won't hold due to global warming impacts. See, for instance, the work of Kwadijk et al. (2010).