theatre star

the audition room’s large windows
welcomes an orange glow on these white walls
how I like this afternoon sun
the stylish black table has papers on it
and pencils ready to judge me

my hands reach to the ceiling
embody hope, embody despair
I play with these golden rays
fall to the ground and scream without words
scream until there is no more sound

this is where the competition stops
but I refuse to be without hope
to convey we can act
I embody anxiety, loss, grief
and finally hope

the charcoal marks the papers as I walk out of the room
nervous souls in the waiting room ready to perform
we all want to shine
in this cli-fi play
ready to take over West End and Broadway

In recent years, hundreds of plays have been written and performed globally on the impact of climate change, either as the main body or as a backdrop for the story. A series called “Theatre Making in the Age of Climate Change” by Chantal Bilodeau demonstrates this involvement.  For instance, in July 2021, the climate drama “Extinct” by April De Angelis was produced at the London Theatre Stratford East. This poem explores an audition for a climate play.