the narrative

every hero needs a villain
Darth Vader needed Luke
President Snow Katniss
Lord Voldemort Harry
corporate executives needed us

death and rebirth
doom and disaster
green growth degrowth
clear narratives and captivating action
this climate crisis lacks it all

incrementally slow yet devastating
which stories does it need to tell
to be moved to tears
to be embraced in our hearts
to become part of our collective memory

narrativize this emergency
for everyone from toddlers to politicians
to re-tell share and act
let the story of climate action
become the history we share

The stories we tell each other on the implications of global warming are often negative in nature: disaster and doom. Kris de Meyer and colleagues build on behavioral theories that our actions change our beliefs, and they argue an approach of sharing “a variety of stories of people taking positive action on climate change” (De Meyer et al. 2021). This poem explores the stories we tell and the story by which we might want to be remembered.