the lime / where we partied

it started with these tides, first to arrive were Kings
then every other spring would clean us
entering the drainage system, flooding your streets
septic tanks inoperable, sea levels rising 3 feet
we installed hundreds of pumps, but the only pump we heard turned the heat on
why worry if we can party in the Bay till dawn?
why worry about this lime, the wrong kind of rock to fight yawns
Miami, this swamp-built wonder of engineering
the end already locked in, the end already nearing
Mt. Trashmore will survive as will the rich, I'm sure
I won't worry about that Palm Beach neighbour
they'll enjoy their CREAM for a few more decades
before the waters will come from the east and the Everglades
but till then, we will party on the beach till the break of dawn


The city of Miami, Florida is extremely vulnerable to sea level rise, and it was listed by the OECD as the most vulnerable city worldwide when compared to potential property damage (van Lohuizen, 2021). This poem explores that vulnerability to global warming with its status as party place for the rich.