revolt green economists

rebels they called us, the rot in a company
calling for green financial approaches
trajectories to become partners never offered

those days are past, long forgotten in this fast-paced world
in a push to prevent massive costs
adaptation to global warming needs its numbers

even if you deny, let us guide you
not for the planet, then for the economy
rethink the cost of climate risks and the payoff of resiliency efforts

revolt green economists
demonstrate green, inclusive, climate financing
draw public and private resources, realizing adaptation actions

we finance how the world reframes global warming impacts
saving trillions of dollars
incentivizing climate action


The economic costs to adapt our societies to climate change are great, but the costs of inaction are far greater. A study by the World Resources Institute in 2019 found benefit-cost ratios ranging from 2:1 to 10:1 (WRI, 2019). In 2021, a study by Peter Howard and Derek Sylvan from New York University showed great consensus that the costs of climate action outweigh the costs of inaction and that immediate reduction of CO2 emissions is economically desirable (Howard and Sylvan, 2021). This poem explores the position of economists in their work environment and the difficulties they faced when pushing for green, inclusive developments and how their knowledge can help us to finance the much-needed climate mitigation and adaptation measures.