reducing food waste

clouds released their rain on a far-distant mega farm
migrant workers chatting in languages I don't understand
nutrients and pesticides abundant
crops grown, cows fed
trucked to harbours, shipped across the globe
processed into products I fancy
wrapped in hydrocarbons to keep it fresh
transported to my supermarket, a teenager filling shelves
my time traded for money, traded for groceries
chopped veggies, a steak, some potatoes, drinks
dinner served, done in 10 minutes
no interest in storing leftovers for tomorrow
I throw a third of the food in my trash can
burned in an incinerator, the clouds embrace its smoke


In 2018, the UN Enviroment Programme launched a global anti-food waste campaign to reduce our foodprint. Every year, one-third of the food produced for human consumption gets lost or wasted. This poem explores the food supply chain and that reducing food waste is an essential measure to take as part of global climate action.