Melinda spent billions killing us
we are at war
WMDs make no distinction

our men are killed
our women infected or not
smashed, electrocuted, sterilized
subjected to scientists

we know you don't hate us
you don't hate our bite
we're just a generous host
a vehicle for sporozoites on their way to your liver
that's worth Bill's fortune

but you changed habitats, more places we call home
we brace for these years of war to come


The Gates Foundation pledged billions of dollars on research and development to eradicate Malaria (Bach, 2018). Jianping Huang, a distinguished professor from Lanzhou University, showed with their study on the impacts of 2-degree global warming that the suitability of drylands and humid lands for malaria transmissions are projected to rise (Huang et al, 2017). This poem takes the perspective of a mosquito hunted down by the Gates Foundation but migrating to new habitats.