letter to John / the weight of my worries

I guess I just feel like
the climate of my memories is gone
the loss for our children
their memories will also be done

is everyone just pretending
protesting, but not ending
my fossil fuel addiction and I keep on overspending
I can't even remember
the dream I/these activists had
every COP has failed, and I'm going
the world has just gone mad

but I want to let hope in
to have faith in who we are
that we'll be saving us and re-open
our hearts to a future not too far

I'm going to trust we'll find a way
I guess I just gave up today


This poem builds on the song I guess I just feel like, published in 2019 by the American musician John Mayer. It explores how, once in a while, climate activists might lose their hope that we won't rise to the challenge of global climate action.