illusion's revenue

we are told it is a matter of choice
whether or not to use these oil products
to fly, use plastics, get new clothes every other month
that we actually can do something as individuals

advertisers and marketers
media corporations and celebrities
they distract us
with consumerism abide to their revenue schemes
you and I recipients of their goods and services
they distract us, never remind us
who creates the political landscape
who holds the key to prevent extermination

we buy coffee in a green disposable cup
feel good
and forget to transform the political reality

we take our own bag for grocery shopping
feel good
and forget to transform supply chains

we take the train do you still fly
feel good
and forget to transform corporations

we like climate insta-posts by influencers
feel good
and forget to transform media and the celebrity machinery

this illusion's revenue
destroys our planet


This poem explores the efforts by the fossil fuel industry that we, at the individual level, should make sound climate decisions. It centers the idea that it’s a distraction campaign to prevent large-scale changes to the current system.