Ekaru's forehead was blown away
years ago, Chapter 1 told me
pastoralist pushed beyond their traditional range

fiercely red to this explosive
mix of small-arms left-overs
ethnic hostility poverty-driven
ancestral guided cattle raids
climate shocks are the perfect cherry

Ekaru's sandals had been stolen
obeying a new master
with soles greased black


In 2011, associate professor Christian Parenti from the City University of New York (USA), published his book, Tropic of Chaos, Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence. In this book, Parenti describes the —in his view catastrophic— convergence of poverty, violence, and climate change. Parenti travelled around the world to explore and explain the impacts of climate change on people's livelihoods and the possibility that environmental changes may fuel conflict. This poem portrays a scene at the center of Chapter 1, the death of Ekaru Loruman, a pastoralist from the Turkana tribe in northwest Kenya.