if I would lose mass
as fast as you do
I would write a bestselling diet book
sell it in every bookstore
that survives 7 meters of sea level rise

Professor Dorthe Dahl-Jensen from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark analyses ice cores drilled from the Greenland ice sheet and reconstructs past climate. In After us the Deluge, a book on the human consequences of rising sea levels by Kadir van Lohuizen, she writes about the mass loss of the Greenland ice sheet. It is expected that within a century the Arctic will be 5˚C warmer compared to the 1950s-1980s. This compares to the same average temperature as found in those ice cores for the last interglacial period. Global sea level will rise with 7m if this warmer Arctic leads to the melt of Greenland's entire ice cap (van Lohuizen, 2021).