feeling lost

I watch the news, social media
understand the basics of this crisis
the images of devastation
updated statistics and projections
rhetoric by protest groups, NGOs, industry
politicians decide to meet again next year
all fails to provide a sense of direction
less meat, less flights, less virtual water abuse
more local, more sustainable
lists of actions I can do
telling me what I should do
as if I were to save the world
if countries fail to agree
my Twitter feed tells the story
lists of actions the world should do
negotiated once more
lobbyists, countries, and corporations
if even a romantic gathering in Paris
didn't bring them to action
didn't provide a sense of direction
I feel lost

there is a crisis
and I feel lost

When countries fail to agree to take action now, to stop the climate emergency, an overwhelming feeling of being lost may arise. This poem explores this sense of directionlessness.