burning hills

I used to know the rhythm of Hell
of countless hours fighting in orange blaze

I used to feel the water flow
it's awareness of the job to do 
transporting salvation

emptied, I used to see
communities rising from darkness

now, I'm just numb
trusted hands holding me in despair

another first responder died
a car charred, baby seat carcass
a family album

Hell became a trusted recidivist


In November 2018, I visited the State of California, USA and was confronted with smog and air pollution due to fires. The family where we stayed was hit by fires in 2017 and they shared stories how they had to wait for months before their property and lands were released for occupancy again. In 2021, devastating wildfires hit California again as did they in Greece and Turkey. This poem reflects the life of a water hose who has witnessed it all.