air conditioner

the gentle whooshing goes on and on
all day all night I see those weathered boxes
beautifying a building, powered by green energy
pigeons shit on them, condensation drips down
one by one residents call me
and I install, maintain, repair these boxes of cool
does it click, buzz, screech or rattle, sir?
most keep our hot-line - 24/7 at your service - on the fridge door

oh, how I love them
they put lobster on our table, fly us to the Caribbean
make us wear designer clothes and drink champagne
my beloved boxes of cool


“The warmer it gets, the more we use air conditioning. The more we use air conditioning, the warmer it gets.” This is how journalist Stephen Buranyi described the air-conditioning trap due to global warming in an article published by The Guardian in 2019. This poem explores the impact of global warming on the sales representatives of such air conditioners.